History of the Run

This event which has reached amazing proportions was started in 1990 by Sid Rogers, lifelong motorcyclist and animal lover, to give the local bikers an enjoyable day out and to raise funds for the local animal charities. The first run was attended by 225 bikers. The second, 390 and the third 630 and so on until now several thousand bikers attend, coming from London, Scotland, Wales etc. 

On the Day
To give you an idea what it is all about; you arrive at the meeting place (Port Vale FC) as early as possible. Have a burger, coffee etc as the run takes an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

The Cavalcade starts at noon, with riders choosing their own Groups. They should also adhere to all highway rules and regulations, stopping at junctions, obeying traffic lights etc. The riders proceed onwards at 20 to 30 mph over a 20 mile route, returning to the departure point to complete a full circle.

This is immediately followed by a rock band concert and an auction of quality motorcycle accessories as well as a raffle of the same, worth thousands of pounds. So you need therefore to bring some cash!

The whole proceedings take about 4 hours so I think we are giving you good value for the money.

I look forward to seeing you.