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Join the Pet Food Cavalcade

Supporting Staffordshire North Branch RSPCA, Charity no 225670
Iris's Cats in Need  Charity no 1043509
Sunday,17 September, 2017
Port Vale Football Ground
Hamil Road, Burslem, ST6 1AW
12 noon start.
Entry £3.00 per person

Please arrive early as large  numbers are expected.

The entry fee is to cover costs and allow entry to the band afterwards. Profits are then donated to the Animal Charity listed above. It is noted that a small number try and avoid paying this £3. It is not only mean, it is disrespectful to the 30 or so volunteers who give up their time to make the event a success and an enjoyable day. It is also disrespectful to the other bikers, many of whom express their annoyance over this. Lets make this a year when everyone contributes.


Staffordshire North Branch RSPCA, Charity no 225670 
and Iris's Cats in Need
Who are the financial beneficiaries of the Cavalcade.
A number of other animal charities are recipients of the pet food.
The charity listed above also contribute volunteers and time and other supporting roles to the event to assist the principal Organiser, Sid Rogers
who freely gives his time to organise the event.
Anyone wishing to verify the validity of the event can do so through the Charity listed above.

The band for the Afternoon is Stoke’s finest rockband NEVERATE With classic Rock & Blues covers

Event starts from
Port Vle Football Ground
Hamil Road

Email: sorry no email
Phone: Sid Rogers
01782 657509
Evenings only